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Last Updated: Thursday July 30 2009 14:10 GMT

Inquiry into Iraq war launched

UK soldier in Iraq

An investigation into the war in Iraq has been launched, to look at why the government decided to take part in the war, and what's happened there since.

Lots of really important people could be questioned, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former PM Tony Blair.

The man in charge, Sir John Chilcot, has said some hearings will be streamed online or shown on TV.

Others will be held in private, as Sir John has said the information they deal with should be kept secret.

He also said some people being questioned might be more truthful if they're speaking in private.

Because there's so much information to go through, Sir John has said he thinks the inquiry might go on until 2011.

That will be after the next general election, which is when a new government will be chosen.

Some people are angry the inquiry will not finish before the election, as the result could have influenced who they would have voted for.

The war in Iraq started in 2003, when US led forces invaded.