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Last Updated: Wednesday July 29 2009 16:07 GMT

Wet weather coming in August

Ore's been finding out more about our wet weather

Forget about shorts and T-shirts, and get your brolly out instead, as experts predict we're going to have cool and wet weather this August.

The Met Office, who make Britain's weather forecasts, said back in April that we were going to be having what they called a "barbecue summer".

But now they've changed their tune, and reckon next month will see wind, rain and low temperatures.

That's a long way from the heat wave much of the UK experienced in June.

How the wet weather is affecting YOUR summer holidays

Some parts of Britain have already felt the effects of the unsettled weather.

A mini tornado hit the Isle of Lewis, in the Western Isles, damaging homes and even flipping one car onto its roof.

Lightning cut power to the town of Stornoway, when the storm hit just after 10pm on Tuesday.