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Last Updated: Wednesday July 29 2009 18:06 GMT

Brit swimmer is a world champion

Gemma Spofforth

British swimmer Gemma Spofforth broke a world record and won gold at the world championships in Rome, Italy.

Spofforth swam to victory in the women's 100m backstroke, finishing in 58.12 seconds.

Spofforth was in second place halfway through the race but was strong and pushed into first in the final stages.

Spofforth's gold medal is Britain's third at the event, after Tom Daley's diving win and Kerri-Anne Poole's triumph in the 10km open water swim.

After the race final, Gemma said: "I'm amazed. I just gave it all I had.

Joanne Jackson
Jo Jackson is hoping to win another medal at the world championships

"I am very excited with that result. I was thinking I have to take it out a bit faster than I did in the semi-final. Then I came home a bit faster."