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Last Updated: Tuesday July 28 2009 15:13 GMT

Girl wants more beauty pageants

Sasha tells Ricky why she wants to see more British pageants

Beauty contests are really popular in some parts of the world but not many are held in the UK.

Now one 13-year-old girl from Lancashire is on a mission to change that - she wants British kids to get the chance to compete.

Sasha has been competing in beauty contests for kids since she was eight years old.

But some people don't agree and think kids Sasha's age shouldn't be competing in contests like this.

Recently Sasha organised her own beauty contest on her 13th birthday, which she also hosted.

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Sasha and Ricky

Now she wants to organise more of the events with her mum, as they aren't really a big thing in the UK.

Sasha told Newsround: "You make friends and get more confidence on stage.

"Make-up doesn't scar you. It comes off with a baby wipe. At the end of the day I'm a normal kid, I go out in trackies on the trampoline - I'm not always in loads of make-up."


But psychologist Geoff Beattie told Newsround why he thinks beauty contests can cause problems for some children.

"I think the problem with beauty pageants is that it puts the contestants under too much pressure - it's all about perfection," he said.

"It might be OK if you win the whole thing, but most people don't win, and they might end up with all kind of issues to do with their body and their face."