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Last Updated: Tuesday July 28 2009 14:05 GMT

Warnings of a wasp invasion

Wasps invade the UK

There are warnings of a wasp invasion in the next week with loads more of the insects around than usual.

Wasp and hornet numbers grow during the summer, which is really annoying if you want to play outside with your friends.

If you find a wasps' nest in your garden, the advice is to stay away and get a parent to call in a pest controller who can remove it.

And never kill a hornet near its nest, as it will release chemicals that attract more hornets.

Experts reckon the changeable weather this summer has disturbed the insect's usual seasonal life cycle.

The hot weather in June caused an early start to 'wasp season' and numbers increased rapidly throughout the start of July.

But now rain and storms are driving the wasps out of their nests and annoying people.


Experts say, to avoid being stung you should never leave an opened drink can outdoors and then come back out and drink it - just in case a wasp has flown inside.

And if you've got a pet, keep an eye on them. Dogs and cats are often stung in the mouth, because they chase buzzing insects.