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Last Updated: Sunday July 26 2009 15:23 GMT

John Terry is staying at Chelsea

John Terry

It looks like Chelsea captain John Terry won't be leaving the club in a big-money move to Manchester City.

Terry has been linked with a transfer to big-spending City for the past few weeks, but on Sunday said he didn't want to leave the London club.

Terry said on the Chelsea website: "I want to clear this up once and for all. I am totally committed to Chelsea and always have been."

Some reports suggested City were happy to pay as much as £40m for Terry.

The club has already spent around £80m on new signings this summer, but most of them have been attacking players.

Chelsea fans
Chelsea fans don't want John Terry to leave the club

"Proud to lead"

Football experts thought Terry was going to be the first big defensive signing for City, but now the club will have to look elsewhere.

Terry also said in his statement: "I am as committed as ever to helping drive Chelsea forward and I will be proud to lead the team for as long as I can."