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Last Updated: Sunday July 26 2009 12:47 GMT

James May building home from Lego

James May

Top Gear presenter James May wants YOU to help build him a pretty unusual house - made entirely of Lego bricks.

He's making the two-storey house for a TV show all about toys, and is planning to live in it for a weekend.

The big build day is Saturday 1 August, and James wants volunteers to help him put the two-storey house together - as well as bring any spare Lego with them!

So far more than three million Lego bricks have been delivered to the building site in Dorking, Surrey.

Because James is going to live in the house it's going to have electricity and plumbing - including a fully working toilet made of Lego.

Adam goes behind the scenes at Lego

James said that although he already had thousands of Lego bricks, he could not be sure there would be enough.

Spare bricks wanted

He added: "So if people do have bricks that aren't being used that they would be happy to donate to a very worthy pioneering Lego cause, then we'll be happy to take them off your hands."