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Last Updated: Saturday July 25 2009 10:52 GMT

Blazes still burn across Europe

A firefighter in Spain

Fires that have killed at least eight people across parts of Europe are starting to cool off.

Spain, France, Italy and Greece have been burnt badly by the blazes, but firefighters are beginning to get them under control.

In Italy eight fires are still burning, but one has been put out and another four are almost extinguished too.

Officials in Spain are also confident that most of the fires there are now under control.

Thousands of firefighters across the continent have been working to put out the fires.

There are worries that more fires could start though, as weather experts have been predicting that it's going to stay very warm for the next few days.

Damage left by fires in Aliaga, Spain
The fires have left a lot of damage behind them

Six of the people killed were Spanish firefighters.

Electrical storm starts fires

It's thought that a number of the fires in Spain were started by lightning bolts that struck the ground during a electrical storm.

An investigation is taking place in France because one of the fires was started by the French army, who were taking part in an exercise near the city of Marseille.