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Last Updated: Friday July 24 2009 19:34 GMT

Wildfires burn in Southern Europe

Wildfire in Spain

Firefighters are battling to control wildfires which are spreading across southern Europe.

Eight people have died in the fires which are have raged across Spain, France, Greece and the Italian island of Sardinia over the past few days.

The worst blazes are in Spain, where at least seven big fires are still burning.

Strong winds have made the situation worse, fanning the flames and encouraging the fire to spread.

And experts warn that high temperatures forecast over the next few days mean there's a big risk of more fires starting along the Mediterranean coast.


Around 1,500 people - including many British holidaymakers - were evacuated from the Mojacar region of south-east Spain after the flames got close to buildings there.

According to newspaper reports, some of the fires were caused by lightning bolts from a storm which struck dry grass in the Aragon region.