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Last Updated: Friday July 24 2009 12:21 GMT

Charging phones without plugs


An amazing new system has been shown off that could do away with plugs and chargers for some electric gadgets.

A company called Witricity says it has developed technology that allows electricity to travel into devices and charge them without using wires.

It uses something called resonance, where two magnetic coils vibrate at the same speed, allowing energy to pass between them.

Resonance is what causes glass to smash when a singer reaches the right note.

But instead of using soundwaves, the devices use magnetic waves.

That allows electricity to go from one thing to another without affecting anything else around it.

The technology means you could charge your phone just by being in the same room as the power source. Although it would need to have a magnetic coil placed inside.

And the people behind Witricity say it could deal with much bigger things, even like electric cars.