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Last Updated: Wednesday July 29 2009 09:47 GMT

How would you beat the bullies?


A 13-year-old boy was being picked on for being very tall, but turned his life round by taking up basketball.

So do you have any tips for beating bullies?

Maybe you were being picked on and simply told your teachers?

Or were you a bully? What made you stop?

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Your comments

"I've been bullied many times before, since back in year 4. I always told a parent or teacher and the bullying always got stopped!"

Jordan, 12, Newcastle, England

"Bullies just want people to think that they are so cool but really they're not. If you are bullied just laugh at them and say 'I am not scared because I think you are stupid.' And walk away normally."

Sara, 10, London, England

"I was bullied. Don't show you're reacting to it, they'll you're easy to pick on if you're not standing up for yourself. Tell a trusted adult. If you can't do that send a note to an adult or teacher or call Childline. They're a really good helpline and lastly, DON'T SUFFER IN SILENCE, I did this and it made my life a misery."

Mollie, 11, Liverpool, England

"Ignore them. Don't cry, shout out or retaliate in any way. This is why they do it, to see you getting upset or wound up because for some reason they enjoy it. Eventually they'll grow bored of bullying you because they are not getting the thrill of you retaliating or anything. They'll back off in time. This is what I did when I was bullied and it worked quite well."

Cathy, 12, England

"Tell someone that you trust like a parent or teacher. Ignore the bullies because all they want is attention. I was bullied and it went on for six months because I was very scared about telling someone. When I did tell my parents it ended the next day."

Cora, 10, Essex, England

"Well, it's not easy to beat a bully but my opinion, tell your mum and dad and get the support of your friends to tell your teacher and they will sort it out."

Rosa, 9, Whitby, England

"I have been bullied twice. The only reason I was bullied was because I never could stick up for myself. I think you should go up to the bully and look them in the face and tell them to stop. Make sure that you have friends to support you. Don't keep it to yourself. Make sure that the bully knows that you are strong and not weak. Also tell your parents/friends/teachers."

Hinna, 12, Woking, England

"I used to be bullied, and one day, I was at home crying about it and blurted it out to my mum. After that, everything was alright, but I also went to cyber mentors who I messaged about help, and they said telling someone is the best thing you could do."

Katie, 12, Maidstone, England

"I tell a teacher all the time, once it got out of hand. Now if a bully says something mean I'll agree with it and say: 'So, what's it to you?'"

Natasha, 11, Worcester, England

"First you should ignore it. If they carry on, then tell them to stop. And if they still do it then tell! No-one deserves to be bullied!"

Zara, 12, London, UK

"Do not laugh along with the horrid remarks, but all the same do not cry either. The horrible cruel person will have got what they wanted. Remember to tell."

Dakota, 10, Kent, England

"I just smile at the bullies and say something like: "It'll be the Wrackspurts!". Luna Lovegood is my hero when it comes to being bullied. "

Iris, 11, Bristol, England

"I think if you're getting bullied you should just ignore the bullies. They just want attention and they won't get it."

Charlotte, 14, Melton Mowbray, England

"Don't let them see you cry because they will pick on you even more. Try to tell someone. I know it's hard cause I've been though it myself but it's the best thing to do and if it's one of your friends stick up for them because they can't really stand up for themselves when there upset."

Tyler, 12, Saltburn, England

"I was seriously bullied at my junior school. I went for ages without telling anybody, and that only made it worse. I told my mum in the end, because she worked there, but it would have been a lot less painful if I told my teacher in the first place. If you don't feel comfortable telling your teacher, tell another member of staff. They can usually help you, and you'll feel better when someone else knows."

Grace, 12, Birmingham, England

"Just tell someone. Anyway, no-one should ever be put through such pain of being bullied!"

Laura, 12, Kilkenny, Ireland

"Years ago I would have cried and not told anyone but now I would stand up to them, so back off bullies."

Hannah, 12, Rotherham, England

"Always tell your family and friends because keeping it a secret will make you feel guilty."

Alex, 14, Liverpool, England

"Laugh it off!"

Matthew, 12, Sunderland, England

"Try to not let the bullies see that you are upset about what they have said or done or afraid of them. For example, if they say they are going to beat you up, try not to let the bullies know that you are afraid."

Ryan, 14, Manchester, England

"My dad said try to imagine everyone laughing at the bullies because they have done something wrong or silly to make you feel better. It always works for me!"

Bethany, 9, Kent, England

"The best way of dealing with bullies is just walk away from them and don't reply or you're going to make it worse. You should always tell a teacher you can trust or go to a close friend but don't be afraid."

Sophie, 12, Portsmouth, England

"I'd give the bullies a piece of my mind!"

Estella, 11, Berkshire, England

"I used to be called fat so I started to play rugby and I'm not that fat any more."

Benny, 12, Kent, England

"If you are being bullied you must do the three T's: tell, tell, tell. It doesn't matter if the bully says to you not to tell anyone, just tell, tell, tell!!!"

Tiegan, 10, Wales

"I got bullied by the year 6s. But I'm going to be year 6. You can basically stick up for yourself. I stuck up for myself when I kept getting into an argument with them."

Eleanor, 10, Cambridge, England

"I get bullied because they hate my best friend. I don't stop being friends with her, I tell them that we should stay away or tell a teacher."

Charlotte, 13, Scotland

"Don't listen to bullies - they are just jealous of you. If you are being bullied tell someone you can trust to help you do the right thing. Good luck."

Megan, 13, Leicestershire, England

"Don't listen to them, tell someone who can help. If you are upset or annoyed try to do something to take up that time that makes you feel happy or talk to someone."

Megan, 9, Scotland

"The best way of dealing bullies is to not let them get to you. Telling an adult can help too. Beat the bullies!"

Evan, 12, Kent, England

"You just have to ignore bullies and after a while they get bored with it and leave you alone."

Margaret, 12, Bournemouth, England

"Just tell someone you trust, for example, a teacher!"

Cameron, 10, London, England

"I don't think that there is some magical cure to stop bullying but there are definitely some rules that you should follow. 1) Do not retaliate; 2) Do tell someone; 3) Ignore what the bullies say; 4) Do try and get something to release your frustration on - mine was rugby."

Harry, 15, Manchester, England

"To beat bullying, let someone know, it can be confidential if you like but just let someone know. Please."

Michael, 12, London, England

"Ignore them. Don't give them any reaction because that's what they want out of you. Also tell someone before it gets worse."

Lizzie, 13, Nottinghamshire, England

"It's good that the boy used what he was being bullied for to turn his life around. I used to be bullied and I just ignored them. They soon got bored and started to leave everyone alone."

Georgia, 12, Sheffield, England

"When I was in primary school I used to get picked on because I would always help the teacher but I would ignore it. When it got worse in year 6, I told my teacher and she sorted everything out now the kids that used to bully me are no longer bullies they are my best friends!"

Zaynab, 14, London, England

"The bullies are only hurting your feelings because they have something to hide like a bad feeling about something that has happened to them. They are just bullying you to make themselves feel better about their problem by taking it out on you."

Rubie, 11, UK

"Don't give them what they want i.e. a reaction from you."

Charlotte, 13, Guildford, England

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