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Last Updated: Friday July 24 2009 15:51 GMT

Swine flu infections double

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The number of people with swine flu in England has doubled in the last week, with kids under 14 being the worst hit, according to the government.

It's thought there were 100,000 new cases over the last seven days, but experts say you SHOULDN'T be scared.

Around 250 children in UK are in hospital with the virus at the moment.

But there are around 11m children who live in the UK in total. That means only one child in every 44,000 are seriously ill with swine flu.

Experts also stress that UK is also one of the best prepared countries in the world to cope with swine flu.

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A vaccine - which would prevent people getting the virus in the first place - is being developed.

Health chiefs reckons we should get the first batch of this medicine in the autumn.

It was thought more people had been killed by the bug, but an investigation showed it wasn't the cause.

There's still no reason to get worried about swine flu.

Although lots of people have got it, for most sufferers it's only as bad as having a cold.