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Last Updated: Thursday July 23 2009 17:23 GMT

More exercise means better sleep

Sonali investigates sleep

Sonali investigates how to sleep well

Scientists have done a new study into sleep, and they've found that the more exercise you take during the day, the easier it is to fall asleep at night.

They've calculated that for every hour you sit around, it takes you three minutes longer to get to sleep.

The experts studied 500 7-year-olds and measured how long it took them to nod off, then compared it to how much exercise each kid had taken.

They say that it proves how important it is to stay active.

Sleep expert Doctor Parviz Habibi

Doctor's tips on a good night's sleep

The average length of time it took for the children to fall asleep was 26 minutes in the study, which was carried out in Australia.

Bedtime story

And the secret to a good night's sleep?

Mandy Gurney, who's a sleep scientist says "A quiet time before bed, a warm bath, but no longer than 10 minutes, and then straight into a darkened bedroom.... and you can cap it all off with a bedtime story."