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Last Updated: Thursday July 23 2009 13:33 GMT

In pics: Wildfires rage through Europe

A wildfire in Spain

Forest fires are causing big problems across Europe. Hundreds of people are trying to put out blazes in Spain. Strong winds are making them very difficult to control.

Firefighter in Spain

Five firefighters have died in Spain while tackling the blazes. It's thought they were started by storms in the area.

Fire in Greece

Two villages needed to be evacuated on the Greek island of Evia. The fires there have now been brought under control.

Fire in southern France

This fire in southern France was accidently started by soldiers during training. It's one of the worst to hit the country in recent years.

Fire in Andorra

This firefighter is taking on a blaze in Andorra, a country north of Spain.

Fire in Canada

It's not just Europe affected by wildfires- Canada has also been hit. Thousands of people have had to leave their homes to escape the blazes there.