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Last Updated: Tuesday July 21 2009 17:15 GMT

China swine flu pupils released

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The first batch of British school children being kept under quarantine in China, after one of their group caught swine flu, has been released.

A total of around 20 kids and their teachers were allowed to leave their hotel, where they were being kept to see if they had the virus.

And in the UK, a group of scientists have said schools should be shut this autumn to stop the bug from spreading.

The government has said it doesn't think closing schools would help.

Danny explains to Sonali what it's like being in quarantine

In China more than 80 British school pupils and teachers are still in quarantine in the Yanxiang Hotel, along with a number from the US.

George Edge, 14, from London, was among the kids who were released. He said: "I am just really glad to be out.

"Hopefully, we can finish our trip on a high and do all the things we planned."

In the UK, scientists from Imperial College London, say shutting schools could cut swine flu cases by nearly half when the virus is at its peak.