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Last Updated: Friday July 17 2009 18:32 GMT

Shuttle docks with space station

The space shuttle Endeavour

The space shuttle Endeavour has safely made it to the International Space Station, setting a record for the most people living on the station.

There are now 13 people floating around on the ISS, which could make it a bit of a squeeze for the astronauts!

While there the crew of the shuttle will work on completing a Japanese laboratory called Kibo.

Before the shuttle docked the people on the ISS took photos of it to make sure it wasn't damaged by its launch.

Nasa experts say they're happy that Endeavour is undamaged and is safe to return at the end of its mission in around a week-and-a-half.

The International Space Station is scheduled to be finished in 2010. In the same year Nasa are planning to stop using space shuttles.