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Last Updated: Wednesday July 29 2009 07:03 GMT

We found out about falcons

Daniel with a falcon

Press Packers Daniel, Danny, Zoe, Izzy & Joe found out about falconry and Arabian culture.

Here's their story:

"All of the schools in our area were invited to attend the educational day at the International Festival of Falconry.

We didn't know anything about falconry before we went, so we didn't know what to expect.

Different cultures

The festival was huge!

There were people there from 50 different countries and they were all wearing their country's national dress.

Everyone wore really colourful clothes - we saw Arabs wearing dishdashas and I even saw someone dressed at King Henry VIII!

Food and falconry

Each country had set up a tent which had lots of different, brightly coloured patterns on the doors and they matched the furniture patterns inside.

Going inside the tents helped us learn all about that country's culture, the types of food they eat and why falconry is important to them.

Watching a falconry class
Watching a falconry class

The best part of the day was our visit to the Abu Dhabi village.

Up close with a falcon

We took part in loads of activities; we drew pictures, did puzzles, learnt how to do an Arab dance and even tried some of the food.

The food was really interesting and different - some of it was sweet and tasted gingery.

Daniel had his picture taken with a falcon! He had to put a glove on his arm first because of its sharp talons.

The bird was heavy and afterwards his arm really ached. But he wasn't scared.

Big birds

The most amazing sight we saw all day was the golden eagle - it was huge and its wings were enormous!

We saw hundred of different types of birds, from the big eagle to small kestrels.

But we also saw camels and saluki dogs - it was like a small part of the Arabian desert had come to Reading!

It was the best school trip we have ever been on!"

Daniel, Danny, Zoe, Izzy & Joe, all 8, Reading

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