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Last Updated: Friday July 17 2009 16:01 GMT

Adam checks out a school prom

Celebrating end of term in style

Thanks to films like High School Musical, American-style school proms are getting more and more popular.

Adam went to check one out in Essex.

"Notley Green Primary School used to have a special end of term assembly, but they felt it was too sad and so they decided to have a prom instead.

It had an Oscars theme, so the school hall was made up to look like an awards ceremony. Red carpet, shiny little statues, gold envelopes - they're all there.


Adam with pupils' awards
There were loads of different awards on the night

Things started off with some drinks for pupils and their parents outside in the summer sunshine.

Then the parents took their seats inside and watched as the children hit the red carpet.

You could tell everyone had spent quite a lot of time on looking good.

The awards were dished out for most embarrassing moment of the year, best nickname, best footballer and loads of other categories.

There were some funny speeches and quite a lot of tears.


Everyone got dressed up and had fun

In fact, it was all quite emotional because the pupils are going to senior school next year, so they're saying goodbye to this school forever.

I chatted to some of the guests while everyone was tucking into their sausage rolls, pizza and breadsticks.

Some of the boys had spent more than £200 on their suits, and a few people said there was pressure to look good.

But everyone reckoned that kids deserve to get dressed up just as much as adults."