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Last Updated: Thursday July 16 2009 15:12 GMT

Scouts protest over rain tax

Adam's report on the scout protest

A group of scouts has been protesting outside the Houses of Parliament because they're not prepared to put up with a big tax rise.

A change to the law - which some people are calling the rain tax - means the bills that scout groups have to pay water companies have risen sharply.

Not all water companies are putting up their bills, but for some scout groups it's got much more expensive.

Some politicians have promised to do something about the problem.

More than 100 scouts visited Parliament on Thursday and talked to the government's man in charge of water, Environment Minister Huw Irranca-Davies.

Scouts protest in Parliament

He said only one water company is causing the problem, and added that he can sort things out in just two weeks.

Mr Irranca-Davies added that he'd look at the problem again if it isn't solved soon - scout's honour!