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Last Updated: Thursday July 16 2009 13:26 GMT

Quiz: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film

Harry and Hermione

Question 1

What gets stuck under Harry’s foot in the muggle house that Dumbledore has to put back together?

A: A curtain tassle
B: A photograph
C: A piece of chandelier

Question 2

What does Malfoy use to test the vanishing cabinets are working?

A: A peach and a mouse
B: An apple and a bird
C: An orange and a spider

Question 3

What colour coat is Katie Bell wearing when she is cursed by the necklace?

A: Blue
B: Green
C: Red

Question 4

Where do Ginny and Harry have their first kiss?

A: The Gryffindor common room
B: The Three Broomsticks
C: The Room of Requirement

Question 5

What is Neville doing at Slughorn's Christmas party?

A: Cleaning the toilets
B: Being a waiter
C: Washing glasses

Question 6

Where is the final scene set?

A: At the top of the castle
B: At Hagrid's house
C: In Diagon Alley

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