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Last Updated: Thursday July 16 2009 04:48 GMT

Hotel builds hives to make honey

A honey bee on a cornflower

Hotels normally serve up some pretty flash food at times, but not many of them produce their own ingredients.

A London hotel is looking to change all that by moving in 50,000 new residents to help out - honeybees.

The hotel has just built a number of hives on its roof and hopes they'll start producing honey for the guests.

New homes for bees are important at the moment, as the number of them buzzing around is dropping. The government has given experts £10m to find out why.

Bees are important because as they travel around collecting nectar to make into honey, they pick up something called pollen too.

The pollen moving from plant to plant helps them grow. Without bees we'd struggle to grow crops, including strawberries, peas and many more.

The hotel is hoping to produce as much as 40kg of honey a year, as well as helping more bees survive.