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Last Updated: Wednesday July 15 2009 13:00 GMT

Village aims to go carbon neutral

Newsround's Ricky

Ricky visits a green village

A village in England is trying to be the greenest in the country by becoming the first to be totally carbon neutral.

The residents of Ashton Hayes in Cheshire have been trying to cut the amount of carbon dioxide they produce since 2006.

That means installing things like wind turbines and solar panels to generate electricity, or even using rainwater to flush their toilets.

Since the project began, they've cut their emissions by 20%.

And the government wants more of us to follow the village's lead.

It's just unveiled a scheme to get the rest of the country more environmentally friendly.

The Low Carbon Transition Plan includes more money for renewable energy like wind and wave power.

It wants people to use energy more efficiently, and cut the amount of carbon dioxide produced making that energy.

Environmental campaigners have criticised the government for not actually acting on climate change, and many hope the new plan will change that.

They want the government to show the UK is serious about cutting emissions.

But some people have warned the plans might be too expensive.

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