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Last Updated: Wednesday July 15 2009 12:56 GMT

Children help design giant bench

Gav tries out a bench with a difference

It can be a bit tough to find somewhere to sit down when you're out and about, but not in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

The town's beach has recently had a brand new bench put in, and if things go to plan, it could soon be the longest bench in the world!

If the bench does become a record breaker it'll be good news for a group of children, as they helped design it.

They worked with a designer and, using the benches in their playground as inspiration, came up with the plans.

At the moment only a 7m long section is complete, but when the whole thing is finished it will be really, really, really long.

The children and the bench designer
The children worked with a designer to create the bench

The current longest bench in the world is in Poland, and measures 613.13m.

When the bench in Littlehampton is finished, the surface of the seating area - which goes in and out like waves in the sea - will be even longer.

But the total distance from one end of the bench to the other will be shorter than the one already in Poland.

So which one will be the longest overall? That's for the experts to decide.