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Last Updated: Wednesday July 15 2009 12:34 GMT

Flintoff set to quit Test cricket

Andrew Flintoff

England cricket star Andrew Flintoff has said he's going to stop playing Test matches after this Ashes series with Australia comes to an end.

Flintoff, who was one of the team which beat Australia in the Ashes in 2005, has been hit by lots of injuries.

He said on Wednesday: "My body has told me it's time to stop."

Flintoff isn't going to stop playing all cricket though, as he still hopes to play one-day and Twenty20 internationals for England.

The next Ashes Test starts on Thursday, and 31-year-old Flintoff is battling to be fit to play at Lord's because of his latest knee problem.

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff

The all-rounder has had lots of problems with his left ankle, and has had three operations on it since 2005.

Flintoff said he's spent two of the last four years in rehabilitation, recovering from various injuries.

He added: "I've got four Test matches, and I'll give my utmost for England to try and contribute to an Ashes win, so that's what I'm focusing on over the next few weeks."

Good at bowling and batting

Although he's had lots of injuries, he's been a vital part of England's game for a while as he's an all-rounder, meaning he's good at both bowling and batting.

But he's also been a controversial player, getting in trouble in the 2007 World Cup for staying out late and partying.

Either way, he's leaving a big gap for the England cricket team to fill.