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Last Updated: Tuesday July 14 2009 13:17 GMT

Bald hedgehog gets prickles back

Spud the hedgehog with his new spikes (Pic: Jeff Moore)

After months of looking like a smooth-skinned armadillo, Spud the hedgehog is finally bristling with health again.

A skin problem caused Spud's spikes to fall out, making it really hard for him to stay safe and warm.

But thanks to a warm bath and massage with baby oil every day at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, Spud's spikes are making a comeback.

Staff there say Spud's expected to make a full recovery and will hopefully be able to be released back into the wild.

Check out photos of Spud before and after prickles!

News of Spud's spineless plight spread all over the world and loads of people got in touch with the hospital, in Buckinghamshire, with suggestions of how to treat him.

They included using moisturiser or wheat germ oil, as well as more unusual ideas, like making him a cactus wig or even wee-ing on him!

Luckily it didn't take anything so drastic.

Les Stocker, who works at St Tiggywinkles, said: "Spud's spines are coming back, which are pretty crucial for a hedgehog, and all we have to do is sort his skin out and he'll be perfectly OK."