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Last Updated: Wednesday July 15 2009 09:09 GMT

In pictures: First man on the moon

Apollo 11 mission blasts off.

Blast off! On 16 July 1969 three men set off on the Apollo 11 mission, to try to land a man on the Moon for the very first time.

People watching TV

The mission captured the imagination of people around the globe. Millions watched on TV as the Saturn V rocket carried the astronauts into space.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

The three brave men were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

Lunar surface

The landing craft, called Eagle, reached the Moon four days later, on 20 July.

Neil Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong, pictured here, and Buzz Aldrin controlled the landing craft, with Michael Collins orbiting in the command module above them.

Akdrin exiting Eagle.

Armstrong was the first person to step onto the Moon, which gave him the chance to take this picture of Aldrin climbing down from Eagle.

Landing Module

The craft doesn't look too graceful, and was nicknamed the Spider.

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

Here's Aldrin, and you can see Armstrong reflected in his helmet.

Footprint on the moon.

The astronauts took sample of lunar soil, and left a few things behind - including this footprint.

Earthrise on the Moon

A long way from home. The Earth is seen rising over the moon. The landscape inspired Aldrin to describe it as "magnificent desolation".

Eagle rising from the surface of the Moon.

Eagle returned to the command module, and began the long trip home.

Astronauts being disinfected.

Splashdown! The trio came back down to Earth on 24 July, eight days after they left. Their craft landed in the sea.