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Last Updated: Tuesday July 14 2009 15:35 GMT

Bodies of dead soldiers back in the UK

Bodies of British soldiers back in the UK

The bodies of eight British soldiers killed in Afghanistan are back in the UK after being flown home.

All eight men died with 24 hours of each other, in the worst day for the British armed forces since fighting began in Afghanistan in 2001.

Thousands of people lined the streets of a village near the airport to watch the bodies driven through it.

Soldiers serving in Afghanistan held a special private service to remember the dead on Monday.

The village the bodies are taken through is called Wootten Bassett. It is near RAF Lyneham where the planes bringing them back to the UK land.

The eight soldiers
Corporal Jonathan Horne
Rifleman William Aldridge
Rifleman James Backhouse
Rifleman Joseph Murphy
Rifleman Daniel Simpson
Corporal Lee Scott
Private John Brackpool
Rifleman Daniel Hume

People living there often stand on the streets when the bodies of soldiers who have died while serving in Afghanistan go past.

They do so to remember the soldiers who die while fighting, and those still in Afghanistan.

8,000 soldiers in Afghanistan

Gareth Price

Q&A: What's going on in Afghanistan?

Around 8,000 British troops are currently fighting in Afghanistan, alongside thousands more from America.

The soldiers are there to try to destroy camps where terrorists train.

They are also trying to make the area safe for elections planned for August.