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Last Updated: Monday July 13 2009 15:33 GMT

Adam soaks up the sun at school beach

Adam soaks up sun on school beach

Summer's just around the corner and some of you might be heading to the beach once school is over.

But what if rather than go to the seaside the seaside came to you?

That's what's happened at a school in the north east, so we sent Adam along with his bucket and spade to check it out...

"It's just like being at the seaside - but about 30km from the sea!

Greenfield School Community and Arts College built the fake beach to welcome younger children who will be coming to the school next year.

A DIY shop donated TWO TONNES of sand. Quite a lot of it ended up in my shoe!

The children have been using it to make sandcastles and sculptures in the shape of seahorses and giant shells.

There's one of those things where you put your head through a hole and you end up with a cartoon body.

And another group are using chalk to draw sea-themed things like lighthouses and fish on the paving stones.


There is even a guy dressed as a lifeguard, shouting out advice like 'look out for that shark'. Not sure how helpful that is.

We even get some ice-creams to go with our school lunch, which is a brilliant treat.

It's great fun at the fake beach, but the only problem is there's no water... which you really need to fill the moat round your sandcastle!"