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Last Updated: Monday July 13 2009 15:02 GMT

Gavin's pedal power on bamboo bike

Gavin with the bamboo bike

Loads of experts say riding a bicycle is a quick and easy way to get around, without polluting the environment.

Now, a new style of bike made from plants is being brought out, to help people go one step further. Gavin's been to check it out.

"I was pretty impressed when I went to check out the latest bike to hit some shops in the UK - a bike with a frame made from bamboo shoots!

It was pretty easy to pick up, probably a little lighter than a regular aluminium one.

But the big thing about this bike is that because it's been made from a natural plant, it's supposedly better for the environment.

The material is found from stems in the mountains of Taiwan's Yushan National Park in Asia. So it's authentic stuff. You can tell by the feel of it.

Air miles

The material has a bit of a journey to make on it's way to the shops though.

Once it's hand-picked in Asia, it gets sent to California in America, where the bike is assembled and treated so it becomes sturdy enough to ride on. They're then zipped over to the UK to be sold.

So they go through a fair few miles on the way - you almost wonder if the pollution from the travelling is worth it all.

But it seemed to impress the kids who came to take a look at it with me.

They liked the design and texture of the bike, so it was a winner in their eyes. The only drawback was the price - at the moment it costs a whopping £3,000!

Not many have been sold in the UK so far, but the people behind it hope they'll catch on.

Then they might even make different sizes for people of all shapes and sizes to have a go on."