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Last Updated: Monday July 13 2009 15:51 GMT

Troops to hold service for killed soldiers

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British soldiers working in Afghanistan are to hold a memorial service for eight men who died inside 24 hours.

Six men died on Friday, and another two were killed in the same 24 hours. Three of those killed on Friday were 18.

Around 8,000 British troops are fighting in Afghanistan, alongside thousands more from America.

The soldiers are there to try to destroy camps where terrorists train. They are also trying to make the area safe for elections planned for August.

Q&A: What's going on in Afghanistan?

Britain first sent armed forces to Afghanistan in 2001.

At the time the government said the mission was to stop global terrorism, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that is still the main reason the troops are there.

The memorial will take place at the main base in Helmand Province, called Camp Bastion.

British soldiers will hold a private service to remember the men who died.

Later on Monday the politician in charge of the British armed forces, Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, will speak in Parliament about Afghanistan.

What's happening in Afghanistan?
A British soldier in Afghanistan

Political experts think he will have to answer some difficult questions about why the soldiers are there, and the equipment they use.

British equipment row

Some politicians think a lack of equipment is increasing the risk in Afghanistan for British troops.

Over the weekend, Gordon Brown said the government had increased defence spending by more than a billion pounds in the past year.

But he added: "We must do more and we will do more."