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Last Updated: Tuesday July 28 2009 06:13 GMT

My painting won an art competition

Georgia's picture

Press Packer Georgia was surprised to be the youngest winner of an art competition.

Here's her story:

"A friend told me about the Young Brits at Art competition, where you have to produce a piece of art showing what it's like growing up in Britain today.

I started thinking about the theme of the competition and realised that so many of us take so many things for granted and how lucky we all are.

We were doing a project on water at the art club I go to. I was quite proud of my painting and felt it showed one of the privileges we have in Britain so I decided to enter.


For the vast majority of us there's food on the table and when we turn a tap, out comes the water.

But millions and millions of others around the world just don't have that luxury. If they want a cup of water, someone has to maybe walk miles with a bucket to bring it back.


When I'm relaxing in water I can let my mind wander and my thoughts drift pass. I hope that my picture captures the way I feel - but I know that I'm very lucky, very privileged.

So I lay in the bath and took a photo of myself and then drew a version and used oil paints which I hadn't used before.

I called my painting "Self in Still Water".

Enjoyable and exciting

It took me about eight sessions at my art club to complete the painting and each session is about two hours long. But it was fun and I really enjoyed painting it - it was relaxing.

This was my first ever oil painting so I was even more surprised to find out I had come joint first out of so many people who entered!

I couldn't wait to tell all my friends and it was exciting to go to the award ceremony and see all the other art too.

And now at home we all look at my winning picture every day because it's hung on the kitchen wall at home!"

Georgia, 11, London

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