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Last Updated: Thursday July 16 2009 04:59 GMT

Helping people manage money

Press Packer Zac and other students who teaches others about managing money
Press Packer Zac and other students meet government minister Stephen Timms and singer Mutya Buena

Press Packer Zac is trying to help children learn about how to manage their money.

Here he tells us how:

"I am one of the My Money young advisers.

My Money is a project trying to help people understand how to manage money better.

As a young adviser I am to trying to make sure that money and personal finance gets taught in schools as part of our lessons.

My Money Week was launched on 29 June and so we were invited along to a school for the launch event.

Special guests

As well as other young advisers, the event was attended by Stephen Timms, the government minister who looks after tax, government advisers and Mutya Buena, who used to be in the girl band Sugababes.

We showed a film about what children think about money and then talked about how we would like money to be taught in schools.

And we asked Stephen Timms and Mutya questions about what difference they thought a project like My Money would have made to them when they were younger.

Learn when you are young

They both said it would have been very useful to have known about financial matters sooner.

We also demonstrated the interactive game we had developed at our Young Adviser sessions. This helps you learn about managing your money.

I believe learning about money when you are young is very important to help you avoid getting into financial problems when you are older.

I hope the work we are doing as young advisers will help the My Money Project get into all schools so we are all given the chance to learn more."

Zac, 13, Hampshire

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