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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 14:08 GMT

Sonali checks out 3D gaming

Sonali tries out the game

Sonali has a go!

With more and more films going 3D, it turns out that gamers aren't going to be left out.

This summer, we're going to see the launch of the first ever 3D game that can be played on next generation consoles. Sonali's been to test it out for Newsround.

"There are quite a few 3D films out this summer - the next one is G-Force - it's all about a team of specially-trained guinea pig spies that use hi-tech gadgets.

The game that's being released with it will be the first ever one that can be played in 3D on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Testing time

I went to a school in west London to test out the new game with six kids. Things didn't start well for me though - 3D glasses didn't fit me properly. Maybe I've just got a weird-shaped head!

Time to test the game. It's single-player and you get to be Darwin, the guinea pig leader of the G-Force squad or his housefly surveillance sidekick, Mooch.

It took me a bit longer than I'd like to admit to get the hang of the game - especially since my fellow testers - Joseph, Dylan, Melina, Roha, Bobby and Edie - got it really quickly.

Funny game

But once I knew what I was doing, I realised it was actually quite a funny game because I was fighting things like irons, a CD player and a vacuum cleaner.

3D game

If you're playing on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, you can switch between the normal game and the 3D version very easily. And there's no doubt that the 3D version is much better. The weapons look like they're coming out of the screen and you feel more involved in the game.


All six of the kids testing it out with me were even more impressed - they felt like they were actually IN the game. Some of them had played 3D games on old consoles before but they said this was definitely the best one they'd seen. Edie said it made normal games seem boring now.

The good news for 3D game fans is there's more to come. After G-Force, Disney is releasing Toy Story Mania!, which can be played in 3D on the Wii.

G-Force game
G-Force game

So, we can look forward to more 3D console games - and loads more 3D movies of course. One company is actually putting the two ideas together.

This month, about 20 cinemas across the UK will start playing the world's first ever interactive 3D game INSIDE a movie theatre. The audience controls the game by waving their arms around!

I wonder if this means that, in the future, we'll be able to control what happens in a film...?"