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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 15:39 GMT

Embarrassing dads show their dance skills

Dancing dads

Adam and the dancing dads

Kids in the north west of England have been filming video clips of their dads dancing as part of a competition to launch a new exhibition about dance.

Adam went along to the grand final.

"The Lowry Arts Centre in Salford has played host to some amazing dancers from around the world - now I'm here with some dancing dads.

Fay is with dad Gabriel and Gracie is here with her dad Paul for a street dance class, after video clips of them boogieing were sent in as part of a competition.

Dance teacher Claire is in charge and I'm joining in. At the end of the lesson, one of the dads will be crowned the smoothest mover.

Dad and dancing kids
Dads rock!


We start off with some warm-ups. So far so easy - it just feels like a bit of jiggling about.

But then the really hard work begins. We have to learn a signature hip-hop move - popping your arms and chest out. Annoyingly I end up looking like a scarecrow.

Then we start putting together some steps. One feels like dodging bullets, another involves sliding backwards. It is difficult to remember them all.

Secretly impressed

I am secretly impressed with the dancing dads. They have quite a good sense of rhythm, although they both seem to be going in different directions.

Paul is named the winner and gets a prize. His daughter Gracie doesn't seem embarrassed at all - I think she is actually quite proud.

Claire's advice for busting a good groove is to come up with a signature move and then adapt it. After an hour of dancing I feel like I've had a work-out!"