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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 12:32 GMT

Huge jellyfish swarms around Scotland

Jellyfish swarm. Picture by Brian McMillan.

Huge swarms of jellyfish have been spotted in waters around Scotland, and experts reckon it's down to the hot weather.

Swarms have been spotted in the Fleet estuary in south west Scotland.

Marine Scotland say large numbers of the common moon jellyfish are also a sign the seas are clean.

They don't think the jellyfish are more than a pest, but if anyone does have a bad reaction to their sting, they should go to a doctor straight away.

Swimming impossible

Brian McMillan saw a huge swarm of the jellyfish.

A compass jellyfish

He said: "Swimming is impossible as there is not a patch of sea that does not have this sort of quantity of jellyfish.

"The beaches are littered with the bodies of dead ones that have been washed up."

It's thought that recent hot and settled weather allowed the jellyfish to breed, and that they'll simply die off as time goes on.