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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 18:05 GMT

Row over newspaper spying claims

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Newspaper spying claims row

A big row's broken out over claims that one of Britain's biggest newspapers has been spying on celebs and politicians by hacking into their phones.

The News of The World's being accused of targeting thousands of high-profile public figures, including former deputy prime minister John Prescott.

Another newspaper, the Guardian, claims they've been covering it up by paying people not to say anything about it.

The police have said they won't be investigating the claims.

The News of the World's owners, News International, haven't commented yet.

It's thought private investigators working for journalists at the News of the World have hacked into people's phone messages, which is against the law.

In 2007, the royal editor at the News of the World was sent to jail for hacking into the voicemail messages of palace staff. A private investigator was also jailed.

Now the Guardian newspaper claims News International has paid more than £1m to settle cases out of court after its journalists were accused of being involved in phone-tapping.

But News International told the Guardian the case "means nothing to anyone here".