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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 05:55 GMT

Celebrity bear Knut to stay in Berlin

Knut the polar bear at Berlin Zoo in Germany

Celebrity polar bear Knut is set to stay at Berlin Zoo after keepers agreed to pay a whopping £370,000 to another German zoo to keep him.

Knut became an international star, with his own film and TV show, after being abandoned by his mum in 2006 and hand-reared by keepers at Berlin Zoo.

He's made loads of money for the Zoo, but last year Neumuenster Zoo said Knut was theirs and they wanted him back.

Now officials at Neumuenster say they are happy to let Knut stay in Berlin.

Knut as a polar bear cub

It's thought they originally lent Knut's dad to Berlin Zoo on the understanding that his first surviving cub would belong to Neumuenster Zoo - and that's Knut.

As well as claiming ownership of Knut, Neumuenster officials have also claimed some of the cash Knut's worldwide celebrity status has generated.

In 2007, Knut is reported to have made more than £4.2m in extra income for Berlin Zoo, from the sale of tickets and Knut merchandise.