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Last Updated: Tuesday July 07 2009 08:08 GMT

In pictures: Dad's cool art made from kids' old toys

A plane made from old plastic toys. Pic from Robert Bradford

This colourful sculpture is one of many made by British artist Robert Bradford. And don't be surprised if bits look familiar - they're made out of children's old toys.

Toy Girl by Robert Bradford. Pic from Robert Bradford

Robert Bradford started experimenting with toys for his artwork in 2004, after getting inspiration from his own children's toy boxes.

A sniffer dog sculpture. Pic from Robert Bradford

His first finished piece was an Alsatian dog, but he said he doesn't like it very much now. This sniffer dog is one of his more recent works.

Toy child by Robert Bradford. ic from Robert Bradford

It can take thousands of tiny toys to create one of the larger sculptures, like this toy girl.

A sculpture of a pug dog which artists Robert Bradford was asked to make. Pic from Robert Bradford

His dog sculptures are so popular that people have even asked him to create toy versions of their own pets, like this pug dog.

Toy Soldier sculpture. Pic from Robert Bradford

But this Toy Soldier is one of his biggest pieces. It took almost two months to make, with each of the thousands of models, figures and game parts being carefully chosen.

Rocking Horse by Robert Bradford. ic from Robert Bradford

Now Robert's beginning to branch out from plastic toys, using cuddly toys and household objects too.