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Last Updated: Monday July 06 2009 15:36 GMT

Gavin checks out rewards for recycling

Gavin chatting to Elliot and Isaac about the recycling scheme

Gavin checks out rewards for recycling

How far would you go to get a free bite to eat or maybe those new trainers you've had your eye on?

Well, families in Berkshire in the south east of England have been trying out a new scheme where you can get free treats by helping the environment.

Gavin's been to check it out.

"New recycling schemes might be something you guys are pretty used to, but this one in the south east of England isn't your typical type of project.

It's one that rewards you depending on how much you recycle. And you can get money off theme park tickets and new clothes in return.

Now I'll hold my hand up and admit I'm pretty bad when it comes to recycling my rubbish. But this certainly seems like something worth looking into.

Elliot and Isaac have been busy recycling
Elliot and Isaac have been busy recycling for their rewards

In order to get the goodies, you have to give over the bins of stuff - not mixed, it's green waste only for the time being - and you get awarded points by a special truck which monitors how much is recycled.

Then you head online to check how many points you've got.

American success

If you recycle a lot, you can make £5 over a few weeks which all adds up so and you can treat yourself to a variety of things in the local area.

Elliot and Isaac checking out how many points they've got for recycling
You find out how many points you've earned by checking online

I was impressed by how much stuff Elliot and Isaac collected. They earned themselves a trip to their local leisure centre. So I guess if you stick by it, the rewards seem to pay off!

When I had a chat with the guy behind the scheme, he told me how successful it was in America.

It's in more than a million homes out there, near New York and Philadelphia.

He thought it wouldn't take long for it catch on here too, because recycling was so popular over here.

But it's interesting when you think that to be rewarded for recycling... there are products given back where more packaging can be recycled... and so on!"