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Last Updated: Monday July 06 2009 14:09 GMT

Acrobat walks tightrope between two mountains

China's 'Prince of tightrope walking' Ahdili passing his pupil on a high wire set 1,607metres above sea level.

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Check out acrobat Ahdili Wuxiuer, who's known as China's prince of tightrope walking.

Thousands of people watched him cross between two mountains in his native Xinjiang Autonomous Region, even stepping over one of his students on the way.

It took him an hour to complete the double record-breaking feat, walking along the 1,530m tightrope, 1,607m above sea level.

According to Chinese officials, Ahdili now qualifies for the two world records - one for performing the highest tightrope walk ever and a second for doing it while passing his pupil on the wire.