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Last Updated: Monday July 06 2009 16:36 GMT

Maddy meets human works of art

Maddy's in Trafalgar Square for the launch of the living artwork

Could you transform yourself into a work of art?

That's what more than 2,000 people are doing outside one of London's most famous landmarks.

Maddy went to find out more...

"It's all taking place on what's called the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Thousands of people from across the UK have applied to spend an hour standing on top of it, and to turn themselves into moving statues.

They're being picked randomly using an online lottery and today the first 24 had the chance to show off their skills.

Plinth protest

Despite loads of showers, plenty of people braved getting soggy feet to watch them. Including me!

But the first guy who stood on the plinth wasn't actually supposed to be there. He sneaked ahead to protest against smoking.

He came down peacefully though and a mum from Lincolnshire in England became the first official piece of 'living art' to go on display.

She campaigned for a children's charity by waving a giant balloon.

The third person to be a living work of art on the plinth is lifted up to the plinth
Taking your place on the plinth isn't so much fun when it's raining!

The second guy up wasn't quite so interesting. He just stood there taking photos of everyone in the crowd!

And so much for third-time lucky, the third participant got completely drenched by a burst of heavy rain!

Modern landmarks

Things are going to get much more exciting though. I met up with a student who was dressing up as a panda this afternoon. He planned to take up a huge sign with his phone number on it, so that people could ring him for a chat!

We're also being promised dancers, wannabe models, scientists and even naked people!

The man who's organising it all is an artist called Antony Gormley. He told me that Trafalgar Square is usually linked to really old art and historical battles.

He wants the moving statues to offer something fresh, modern and real to anyone visiting the London landmark this summer.

Age limit

You've got to be 16 to stand on the plinth, but that hasn't stopped loads of kids daydreaming about what they'd do.

Student dresses as a panda for living artwork

One girl called Molly told me she'd take her football up there and show off a few tricks!

It certainly looks great fun but I feel sorry for the people who've been timetabled to appear in the middle of the night.

It's going to be colder and even wetter over the next few days, so I hope they remember to take an umbrella!"