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Last Updated: Thursday July 09 2009 10:03 GMT

What would you do if you were on show?

A person stood on a plinth in Trafalgar Square

A new work of art has been unveiled in London and it's people who are the stars of the show!

Every hour, every day until 14 October a person will stand on a plinth in Trafalgar Square in London and do whatever they want.

One person is going to be riding an exercise bike while another will use semaphore flags to write a message.

So if you had to stand on a plinth for an hour, what would you do with your time?

And would you wear anything special to make your point?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

"I would do stand-up comedy as that's my hobby!"

Moe, 11, London, England

"I would take my iPod up there and dance for the full hour."

Aimee, 12, Somerset, England

"I would play my guitar and sing!"

Yumi, 12, London, England

"I would sing my little socks off!"

Lucy, 11, London, England

"I would sit down and listen to music."

Wajhma, 11, London, England

"I would sit with my mates and take pictures and just mess around having fun. I'd just stand there for an hour. It would be boring for everyone else but it would be something exciting for me."

Abbie, 12, Maidenhead, England

"I would ring all my friends."

Faye, 9, Tyne and Wear, England

"I would probably natter on about things that are quite random. Also I can tell fortunes by reading the palm of someone's hand, so I will possibly ask some volunteers to take part in my act!"

Nivetha, 11, Ilford, England

"I would dance my heart out!!!"

Sindurii, 11, Oxfordshire, England

"I would do my own TV burp, or I would just eat as many Big Macs as I could in 30 minutes!"

Natalie, 10, Nottingham, England

"I would do maths and dress up as a number 10 or a cuckoo clock."

Tommy, 6, UK

"I would start reading a book and after half-an-hour I would start screaming at the top of my voice."

Ollie, 10, Surrey, England

"I would go up there and dance."

Aleena, 9, Somerset, England

"I would sing a song!"

Ella, 11, Surrey, England

"I would play my violin to everyone (I am on grade six) and I can play lots of different songs."

Louise, 13, Surrey, England

"I would practise my tricks up there on my bike because it's small and I'm good at doing tricks from standing."

Charlotte, 11, Dunstable, England

"I would dance, sing and do hip-hop!!!"

Mary, 11, London, England

"I would go up there and go to sleep."

Zaki, 13, East Sussex, England

"I would really fall because I can't stand on a platform for two seconds without falling."

Charlotte, 12, Kent, England

"I would play tricks on people for an hour and make everyone laugh."

Katie, 11, Scarborough, England

"I would do some gymnastics because I'm really good at it and I would tell some jokes to make people laugh."

Noemi, 14, London, England

"I would do some crazy dance and probably eat as many burgers as I could in a minute!"

Miriam, 12, Luton, England

"I think I would get everyone singing songs then start to play music!!! Also at the end I would throw balls on everyone."

Polly, 10, Northampton, England

"I would do some silly dancing and tell jokes to make everyone laugh."

Shaun, 13, Bedfordshire, England

"I want to be an actress so I'd love it and I'd be acting out High School Musical."

Livvy, 9, Bristol, England

"I'd do a comedy act. I want to be a comedian when I'm older."

Sophie, 13, East Sussex, England

"I would dress up and perform different sketches!"

Olivia, 12, England

"I would sing in front of a live audience and show them all what a powerful voice I have got just like a mini Michael Jackson."

Rubie, 11, UK

"I would sing Mercy!!!"

Keelin, 8, London, England

"I would see how much pasta I could eat."

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"I would play my saxophone!"

Jasmine, 13, UK

"I would like to see someone do magic tricks dressed up really smart or someone pretend to fall off it that would be GREAT! But you would have to be very WEIRD."

Rachael, 11, Wales

"I would get loads of cats and dress up as a queen, then I would change behind something and do the tango with the cats."

Savannah, 10, UK

"I would do dance routines like they do in High School Musical!"

Charmaine, 13, Hong Kong

"I would see how many sweets I could eat."

Kim, 10, Scotland

"I would dress up like a clown and perform an act. Or I might take up the drums or something and play them really loudly!"

Olivia, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"I would ask my mum, dad, brother and I would ask my cousin if she could let her baby daughter come with me so we could re-enact one of The Simpsons' couch gags."

Carys, 13, Wales

"I would give out sweets."

Kristina, 12, Isle of Man