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Last Updated: Monday July 06 2009 09:05 GMT

UK people becoming living works of art

Rachel Wardell

People are becoming pieces of art, as part of a new work which opened in London's Trafalgar Square on Monday.

It's called The One and Other and it's not a big painting or giant sculpture, but is instead what some people are describing as a living artwork.

Every hour of every day for the next 100 days someone will stand on top of a plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Thousands applied to get involved, and at 9am on Monday the first person took their place on the plinth.

Housewife Rachel Wardell, 35, was the first person to stand in the shadow of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

But before Rachel moved into position a man climbed up himself to protest.

The artist behind the idea is called Antony Gormley.

No breaking the law!

A protestor in London
A man called Stuart Holmes climbed onto the plinth to protest

Not all the people have been selected yet, and the 2,400th and final person will climb off the plinth on the 14 October.

People can do anything they want once they're up there - as long as it doesn't break the law!