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Last Updated: Tuesday July 07 2009 12:09 GMT

Hotseat: Harry Potter stars

Ricky meets Harry Potter stars

It's nearly the time Harry Potter fans have been waiting for - the latest film is out on 15 July.

Newsround's Ricky got to chat to the stars on Monday.

You sent in HUNDREDS of questions so Ricky chose the best ones, added a few of his own and got close-up and personal with Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

Ricky plays a strange sound to Rupert, asks Daniel about his phone - and tries to get a part in the next film!

Read the full interview below - and see if Ricky used one of your questions!

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Ricky: Rupert thanks for talking to Newsround. First of all, how are you feeling because I heard you had swine flu. So I brought my mask just in case! You alright?

Rupert: (laughs) Yeah I'm good now, you won't need that. Fully recovered now, it was just a normal flu really.

Rupert Grint with Ricky


Ron Weasley has two girls after him in this latest film, what was it like to play that kind of character?

Rupert: All the romance is quite a big thing in this one, there's a lot going on for Ron particularly because he gets his first girlfriend, and it kind of starts out OK and he uses a lot of opportunities to make Hermione a little bit jealous.

Ricky: You were really young, obviously, when you auditioned for this part. But you submitted a video, didn't you that's how you got the role? Tell us a little bit about that.

Rupert: Yeah I sent in a video to Newsround actually!

Ricky: No?! Did you really?

Rupert: Yeah, Newsround were asking for kids my age, with ginger hair like myself, but I didn't get anything back for a while. So I made a video tape, it was sort of like a rap so I sent that in and that's how I got the part!

Ricky: If you get slightly tired from all these interviews can I do something to cheer you up?

Rupert: Yeah, of course.

An ice-cream van
Rupert is a big fan of ice-cream vans!


I heard a rumour that you like this (plays a tune of an ice-cream van)

Rupert: Oh wow!

Ricky: Does that make you feel good? It's an ice-cream van sound. You have an ice-cream van, what's all that about?

Rupert: It's just something that I've always really wanted. When I was younger it was kind of a dream of mine to be an ice-cream man and the van was a big part of that. That (Ricky's ice-cream tune) is really cool.

Ricky: I've cheered you up haven't I?

Rupert: Yeah you have actually. It's quite hard to find those kinds of sounds!

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Ricky: You were very young when you started the Harry Potter movies. You're nearly 20 now, how have you changed and how has your character changed?

Daniel: Well, I've changed in the same ways that everyone changes from the age of 11 to almost 20. You grow up, you get slightly taller - I didn't get a huge amount taller!


Daniel Radcliffe with Ricky

I didn't either!

Daniel: No, we're one and the same you and I! You grow up, you find out where your interests lie and you find out what kind of a person you are and that's all fun, weird, scary and cool!

Ricky: What are you going to get up to when the films are over?

Daniel: Hopefully I'm going to keep working and acting. That's what I want to do, I want to keep working as long as possible. That's what I like doing, I'm always happiest when I'm on a film set or a stage, whatever. I'm happiest when I'm working.

Ricky: Your relationship with the other guys, Emma and Rupert, surely you are going to be friends for life now?

Daniel: Well you'd think so. I do think the bond between us is one that can't be broken purely for the reason that there will never be any other people who will know exactly what it was like to play these characters through the years.

Ricky: I've been Twittering all day because I'm obsessed with gadgets. I hear you have a bit of a rubbish phone?


Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint in 2000.
Daniel, Emma and Rupert have grown up together on the Potter films

(laughs) You have joined me on a day when I have just got a new phone for the first time, I have it here!! (digs in his pocket for his mobile and shows it to Ricky)

It's this one, it's very nice. My old phone is still in my room, I [got it] literally today, my mum came with me and I said to her that I couldn't even charge it last night.

It was falling apart because I had dropped it so many times. It's very nice and it's quite sturdy (thuds it on the side of his chair!)

Ricky: Talking of technology just quickly, when you're on your own and in your bedroom or at home, do you ever go onto Google or whatever and search for yourself?

Daniel: No, no, no! That way madness lies! People when they Google themselves, that's when they go crazy!

People on the internet, often not always, have too much time on their hands! So some people write lovely things and some people write horrible things about you. But you can't believe either of them. You can't read into any of it.

I don't read anything about myself, be it in newspapers or the internet or whatever. I just don't do it.

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Ricky: Talking about your latest Harry Potter movie, what do you make of it?

Emma: It's really funny and it's quite dark and I know it's so boring that I'm saying this for the millionth time (laughs) but I do think they are getting better and this one is no exception.

Emma Watson with Ricky


This will be your sixth premiere, does it change, does it get any more exciting, or more boring?

Emma: It's got easier as I've learnt what to expect. I think the first time I went on to a red carpet I was 11 or 12 and it's quite something. It's so nice to see that people are still so fond of the series and so excited about the film.

Ricky: You've done quite a lot of photo shoots and you're quite into fashion as well. Is that something that you want to do in the future?

Emma: Yeah, it's definitely something I'm interested in. First and foremost I'm an actress and that's my focus, but it's always nice to do something different, you know? It's nice to have a change and it was that for me.

A picture of Ricky over a still from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This is what Ricky could look like as Harry Potter... scary!


I've had a quick chat with Daniel and he says he doesn't want to play Harry Potter in the last two films and he has asked me to step in.

Emma: (laughs) Really?! Well that's great news!

Ricky: Well I'm about his height you see! I just wanted to know what you thought of that?

Emma: Perfect! That's exciting I'm really looking forward to working with you!!

Ricky: Maybe we could start rehearsals later this afternoon?

Emma: (laughs) Yeah sounds great!

Ricky: Emma thank you so much for talking to us.

Emma: No worries, I'll forward to working with you soon!

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