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Last Updated: Friday July 03 2009 14:06 GMT

Three new dinosaurs found in Australia

An artist's impression of the two new herbivore dinosaurs

Big news for dinosaur fans - experts on the scaly beasts reckon they've discovered three new species after checking fossils dug up in Australia.

One of the creatures is thought to have been a fearsome predator, with three large slashing claws on each hand.

The others were plant-eaters, with one being tall and giraffe-like and the other more stocky, like a hippo.

The fossils date back nearly 100m years and were found in rocks known as the Winton Formation in Queensland.

Palaeontologist Scott Hucknell, from the Queensland Museum, said carnivore Australovenator wintonensis - who's been given the nickname Bingo - was even bigger and more terrifying than velociraptors.

An artist's impression of the carnivorous theropod Banjo (image: Australian Age of Dinosaurs)

"Banjo was light and agile," he said. "He could run down most prey with ease over open ground."

The two veggie dinosaurs are new types of titanosaurs - the largest animals ever to walk the earth.

The Witonotitan wattsi, is a tall, giraffe-like creature known as Clancy, while Matilda is a more stocky and hippo-like Diamantinasaurus matildae.

Banjo and Matilda were found buried together in a 98m-year-old stagnant pond.

Details of the find were published in the Public Library of Science One, and described as a major breakthrough in the understanding of prehistoric life in Australia.