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Last Updated: Friday July 03 2009 05:18 GMT

I created my own picture book

Miram with her books

Press Packer Miriam created a picture book to tell other children about her Roma heritage.

This is her story:

"The first time I went to this project to create a picture book for young children I couldn't wait to get started.

We did everything ourselves, from writing the story with drama to illustrating it with pinhole photography. My favourite part was the drawing, but it was all fun.

The Children's Society and Click Academy helped us make the book so we could teach people who Roma are.

My heritage

Not many people know the truth about Roma culture. Some people think that Roma are bad people, but this is prejudice.

I wanted to make a book of a Roma story to show that in Roma culture there are many good things, like great stories for young children!

For the past month, my friends and I have been giving out books at special events we organised in London.

Caravans and cameras

We had a horse and caravan, which we turned into a big camera obscura.

Not many Roma travel nowadays, but a horse and caravan is still a good symbol of our culture.

A camera obscura is a really simple camera that you can walk inside. We asked people to go in and check it out!

When they first went in, they saw blank white walls, but when we closed the door they saw everything from the outside projected onto the walls through the small hole.

Proud of our past

We did this to show people the old method of photography that people used to do.

It was also the same as the pinhole cameras that we made to illustrate the book.

When people got a copy of the book, they were excited because they never knew that young Roma children could make a book.

I felt proud to tell people about who I am."

Miriam, 11, London

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