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Last Updated: Friday July 10 2009 06:04 GMT

My scout hut was burned down

George outside the burnt hut

Press Packer George loved Scouts until arsonists burned down his scout hut.

This is his story:

"I have been a member of the 1st Saxmundham Scout Troop for 8 months. We used to meet every Thursday evening for 2 hours.

When I started there were just four other members but then we encouraged lots of other boys to come along and have fun.

Fun activities

Here are some things we used to do - play cricket, football, dodgeball, chinese handball and hoopla.

We also practised carrying the flag for parades, the mnemonic alphabet, learning how to understand maps and cooking.

Rob and Mike, the Scout masters, always made sure we had lots of fun.

Arson attack

Unfortunately, on the night of 14th June 2009, an arson attack was carried out on the scout hut. The fire brigade was able to put out the fire but sadly the hut was ruined.

The first I heard of this was when I got to school on Monday morning, and all my friends came rushing up to me with the terrible news.

I was very upset and cried, and all day it was stuck in my head. I became so angry that someone could do this that I almost exploded.

My hope for the future is that the first Saxmundham Scout group are able to have an even better meeting place, with less spiders!"

George, 9, Saxmundham, Suffolk

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