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Last Updated: Saturday July 04 2009 09:07 GMT

I drove a mini tank at Tankfest!

Hugh in a mini tank

Press Packer Hugh drove a mini tank at Tankfest.

This is his story:

"Tankfest is brilliant! It is held every year at the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset, which is not far from where we live, so my dad and I go every year.

There are vehicle displays, stalls where you can buy lots of different thing to do with the army and a very loud mock battle at the end of the day.

Uniforms and tanks

The crowds enjoy watching the tank display
The crowds enjoy watching the tank display

There are also re-enactors who dress up in American, British and German uniforms and have lots of equipment from World War 2.

The tanks are great. They are huge and noisy and can weigh up to 60 tonnes. This year there was a German Stug, an assault gun that had been recovered from the bottom of the Black Sea after the ship carrying it had been torpedoed and had been restored.

There was also a replica of a German A7V, a First World War tank, which had been built around a bulldozer. My favourite tank is probably the Tiger 1, which lives at the Museum. This is the only working one left and it is very famous. People come from all over the world to see it.

Hugh at the tank museum
Hugh at the tank museum


My favourite part of the day is the battle. It is extremely loud with tank guns firing, explosions and the infantry firing riles and machine guns. It is very realistic! I also had a drive of a mini tank, powered by a lawn mower engine, which I enjoyed very much.

If you like tanks, this is the best place in the world"

Hugh ,12, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

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