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Last Updated: Wednesday July 01 2009 10:09 GMT

Jackson's body 'to go on show'

Kids' views on whether Michael's body should go on show

US media reports say that Michael Jackson's body will go on public display before his funeral.

Although his family haven't confirmed what their plans are for his funeral, reports say his body will go on show at his Neverland ranch.

It's understood people will be able to visit Michael's old home to remember him on Friday, and there will be a private family funeral on Sunday.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday at his home in Los Angeles.

Showing a body like this is unusual, but it's occasionally done to famous or important people, and happens more in some other countries.

It's thought building work is being done at Michael's old home, Neverland ranch, 150 miles from Los Angeles.

Michael lived there for several years, and even built himself a fairground in the grounds.

Although he didn't live there when he died, lots of people still associate Neverland with Michael Jackson's memory.