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Last Updated: Wednesday July 01 2009 17:13 GMT

Scotland and Wales celebrate 10 years of power

Graphic of the Scottish and Welsh flags

Ricky checks out power celebrations

It's been 10 years since politicians in Scotland and Wales started deciding how to run their countries, without having to refer to the government in London.

After a process called devolution in 1999, the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly started making decisions about things like health care and education.

The Scottish Parliament introduced the UK's first smoking ban and students there don't have to pay for university.

The Welsh Assembly also banned smoking in public and even some school tests.

Child talking about devolution

More kids' opinions of devolution in Wales

Lots of people campaigned for a long time for Scotland and Wales to have more power over how their countries are run.

There were big celebrations when they succeeded and now all the 163 children born on 1 July 1999 in Scotland have been invited to take part in the anniversary celebrations there.

Even the Queen got involved, with a visit to the Holyrood Parliament in Edinburgh.

But not everyone is convinced that devolution has been a success.

Some Scottish people think their parliament should be able to make even MORE laws and rules, but others think it's a waste of money and doesn't do enough.